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Let's partner to revitalize our communities 

We are looking for new contractors to help us reach that goal.  

  We work off of a very structured system and provide a detailed SOW (scope of work) for every project. Best part is, we LOVE to pay contractors when work is completed and we can provide repeat business so you won’t have to figure out where your next check is coming from. So are you interested in making money with us?     

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Some benefits to partnering with our company include:

Access to property inventory before it's listed, opportunity to host open houses for us which can generate a new customer base for you. Let's build a solid partnership and showcase superior customer service to our clients. 

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Safe investments secured by real estate with high return on your money!

Sit back with confidence and allow us to put your money to work for you and provide a no headache, hassle free, quick turn around on your investment! 


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